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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bette Midler Tells Joy Behar that Glenn Beck is "Terrifying"; Says He Could Spark U.S. Civil War Like Rwanda - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of Bette Midler talking with Joy Behar where she said she does not think Glenn Beck is "even a little bit funny." In fact, Midler said Beck is "terrifying" to her, and that she believes he could spark a civil war in America like what happened in Rwanda that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Even Joy Behar seemed taken aback by what Midler said. Behard defended Becks right to "hate speech," saying it is protected by the First Amendment.

NOTE: Glenn Beck does not engage in hate speech, and he is not trying to foment violence of any kind. He is simply opposing the policies of President Obama and pointing out the truth about him and his administration. Bette Midler shows herself to be a complete moron with comments like this.


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