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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michelle Malkin on Hannity Talks About How Obama Cronies Will Profit if Chicago Gets the Olympics - Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Michelle Malkin on with Sean Hannity tonight saying she believes President Obama's trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 Olympics is all about a big "payoff" to the Mayor Richard Daley Machine and his other Chicago political cronies.

She zeroed in on Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who used to be a deputy for Mayor Richard Daley, and actually hired Michelle Obama at one time to work for Daley. Malkin argues Jarrett's old cronies in Chicago would stand to benefit big time financially if the Olympics is brought to Chicago, with the building of an Olympic Stadium and Olympic Housing.


Rush Limbaugh Takes Emotional Call from Woman who Speaks for Millions of Americans - Complete Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh taking a call today from "Susan in Glendale, California" - a call which turned into a 21 minute conversation that crystallized most of the thoughts and feelings of conservatives all across America.

Susan said "I am a political nobody" and I want to know what I can do to take my country back. She spoke with such emotion and feeling that it truly is a call that everyone should listen to. This is how so many Americans feel right now.

Rush listened to her pour her heart out and in the end told her she speaks for millions of Americans right now, and encouraged her not to give up hope - not to panic, because Americans can still turn things around by voting Obama and the Democrats out of office.





Judicial Watch President Tells Glenn Beck Valerie Jarrett has "Hijacked the Presidency" to Help Chicago Get the 2016 Olympics - Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck today exposing the fact that Obama Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett is right at the heart of most of what has gone on in the Obama White House. He lays out how Jarrett was instrumental at getting Obama to move to Chicago, and has been at the center of his relationship to William Ayers and others in Chicago.

Beck also reminds us that Jarrett was largely responsible for bring Van Jones into the White House, pointing out she had known him from way back, including all the reality about his radical views and connections.

Below is video of Beck talking to Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, who says Jarrett is one of the "ten most corrupt" politicians in America. He says she has managed to "hijack the Presidency" to benefit the local efforts of Chicago to get the 2016 Olympics. He essentially points out how Jarrett and Obama's friends in Chicago stand to benefit bigtime if Chicago gets the bid:


Democrat Alan Grayson Refuses to Apologize to Republicans; Likens Lack of ObamaCare to the "Holocaust" - Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson defiantly refusing to apologize for his shameful attack on Republicans last night in a speech from the House Floor. Grayson actually said that Republicans' only Health Plan is for people to "not get sick," and if they get sick, to "die quickly."

He responded to calls today that he apologize by saying he will "apologize to the dead," referring, he says, to those who have died in what he called a "holocaust" in America. In his short, pathetic remarks, Grayson managed to compare not having a Government Health Care Plan to those who died in Iraq, those who died in the September 11 attacks, and the "Holocaust," which uniformly is used to refer to the Nazi extermination of the Jews during World War II.

Yet, so far, there are no calls from Democrats for him to apologize - this from the same bunch who were quick to call for apologies for Rep. Joe Wilson when he shouted "You Lie" to President Obama earlier this month.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Says "I Kind of Like Being a President" - Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today saying "I kind of like being a President" - as she presided as President of the U.N. Security Council today.
Her comments drew laughter from the other members in attendance.

Barack Obama clearly likes being President too. You've heard the saying, "Many a truth is said in jest." Maybe, if Obama's numbers continue to spiral downward, Hillary will decide to do what the late Ted Kennedy did to then President Jimmy Carter in 1980 - run against a sitting President in her own party.


JibJab Comedy Animation: "He's Barack Obama" - Video

Here is video of the newest "JibJab" called "He's Barack Obama." JibJab has done some truly hilarious spoofs on political subjects over the years. This one has actually been out for several months, but I had never seen it before. It's very good! It reportedly debuted in front of Obama at the Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner in June.


Mark Levin Says "In so Many Ways" Obama is a "Pathetic President" - Audio 9/29/09

Here is audio of Mark Levin yesterday mocking President Obama for his decision to go to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 Olympic Games.

Levin pointed out how "in a hurry" Obama is to push Health Care, taxes, spending, and the Olympics, but has been slow to decide whether to give Gen. McChrystal the reinforcements we need to prevail in Afghanistan.

Levin said in so many ways Obama is a "pathetic President."


Glenn Beck Responds to Bette Midler Attack that He Could Spark Rwanda-like U.S. Civil War - Audio 9/30/09

Here is audio of Glenn Beck today responding to Bette Midler's attack on him yesterday, where she said that he is "terrifying," and that Beck could spark a "civil war" in America like what happened in Rwanda.

Beck plays the clip and then responds by hammering her for displaying the "progressive movement's" disdain for anyone who disagrees with their worldview.

Beck said it is Midler's "progressive" kind of thinking that has led to genocide all over the world.

He also said liberals are trying to "whip up their base" by constantly saying conservatives want to "kill people."


Bette Midler Tells Joy Behar that Glenn Beck is "Terrifying"; Says He Could Spark U.S. Civil War Like Rwanda - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of Bette Midler talking with Joy Behar where she said she does not think Glenn Beck is "even a little bit funny." In fact, Midler said Beck is "terrifying" to her, and that she believes he could spark a civil war in America like what happened in Rwanda that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Even Joy Behar seemed taken aback by what Midler said. Behard defended Becks right to "hate speech," saying it is protected by the First Amendment.

NOTE: Glenn Beck does not engage in hate speech, and he is not trying to foment violence of any kind. He is simply opposing the policies of President Obama and pointing out the truth about him and his administration. Bette Midler shows herself to be a complete moron with comments like this.


Madeleine Albright Makes CNN's John Roberts Blush with Her "Story of the Pins" - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of a bizarre moment where former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright makes CNN's John Roberts blush as she talks about a South Korean diplomat whom she says looked forward to her visits because he said Albright "made her feel younger." Albright explained why he said that, and then demonstrated the "art of diplomatic kissing" with Roberts.


Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson Says Republicans Want Sick People to "Die Quickly" - Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson last night making a despicable attack on Republicans by saying the GOP Health Care Plan for America is:

1. Don't Get Sick
2. If you do get sick, Die Quickly.

This is the same Alan Grayson who held a rigged Health Care Town Hall in August.

If this had been a Republican saying something like that about Democrats, it would be the lead story on every network.


Robert Gibbs Slams RNC Chair Michael Steele for Opposing Obama Trip to Lobby for Chicago Olympics - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of the snarky and unprofessional White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs making sarcastic remarks about RNC Chairman Michael Steele yesterday, because Steele dared to question Obama's decision to go to Copenhagen, Denmark to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 Olympic Games. Steele had commented that Obama might have other more important matters to see about - like the economy and jobs.

Gibbs is asked about Steele's comments, and says "Who's he rooting for?" "Is he hoping to hop a plane to Brazil and catch the Olympics in Rio? Maybe it's Madrid."

Some of the press laughed at Gibbs pathetic attack.


Howard Fineman Tells MSNBC's David Shuster "It's Not Over Till It's Over" for the Public Option - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of Howard Fineman talking to MSNBC's David Shuster about what chances remain for Democrats to get a "Public Option" passed in a Health Care bill. Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee rejected putting a "Public Option" in the Baucus bill.

When you want to know what the liberals really think, listen to them talk to each other! Fineman tells Shuster that while the "Public Option" is now "barely alive," it is "not over till it's over."

Fineman said it is possible Baucus is just trying to get something out of committee and that Democrats will be able to get the "Public Option" in the conference process that reconciles the House and Senate bills if they can get a bill in some form through the Senate.


American Samoa Devastated by Deadly Tsunami - Video Report 9/30/09

Here is a video report by Today's Al Roker on the devastating Tsunami that hit American Samoa yesterday killing dozens of people. The tsunami was triggered by an 8.0 Earthquake.

Here is uncut amateur video showing some of the devastation:


Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey in Copenhagen to Lobby for Chicago to Get 2016 Olympics - Video 9/30/09

Here is a video report on the arrival of First Lady Michelle Obama in Copenhagen, Denmark to lobby for Chicago to be chosen as the site for the 2016 Olympic Games. Oprah Winfrey is also in Copenhagen to help with the lobbying effort. President Obama will arrive there Thursday to make a pitch for Chicago to receive the games. Rio de Janeiro is Chicago's biggest competition, trying to become the first city in South America to host an Olympic Games. Madrid and Tokyo are also in the running.

The decision will be announced on Friday.


Lou Dobbs on the Empire State Building Celebrating the Communist Revolution in China: "America 2009" - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of Lou Dobbs last night commenting on the decision by the Empire State Building to honor the 60th Anniversary of the Communist Revolution in China by lighting the building in the colors of Communist China.

Dobbs introduces a report on the decision, and the report then gives all the details. After the report, Dobbs says, "Well, there you have it - America 2009."


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starbucks Puts Out New Ad for "Via" Instant Coffee that Spoofs Town Hall Protesters - Video

Here is video of a new Starbucks teaser ad for their "Via" instant coffee product. The ad uses a Town Hall Meeting as the setting and says:

"People who yell at town hall meetings can't tell the difference." It then has two people shouting that they can't tell the difference.


United States Supreme Court Poses Together for Group Photo - Raw Video 9/29/09


Here is raw video of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices posing for a group photo today. The newest justice - Sonia Sotomayor - had her first group photo taken with her colleagues.


Neil Cavuto Says those Determined to Pass ObamaCare are Like a Driver Going in the Wrong Direction - Video 9/28/09

Here is video from Fox News' Neil Cavuto yesterday where he likened Obama's push to pass Government-run Health Care despite opposition from Americans to a man driving a car in the wrong direction who won't heed any of the warning signs or stop and ask for directions.

Cavuto was giving his "Common Sense" commentary, and did an excellent job of describing what the Democrat-controlled Congress is trying to do in ramming Health Care "for all" through despite the fact 56% of Americans are opposed to it. Instead of listening to the people now, they hearken back to Obama's election win in 2008 as evidence of a mandate to push it through.


North Carolina Children Recite for Obama: "Change has come" - Video

Here is another video of school children reciting praises to President Obama - this time from a school group in North Carolina.

They say several times "Change has come, Change has come." About President Obama, they say:

"Uniting blacks and whites...being both Obama cannot take sides."

They even manage to work in Obama's Campaign themes of "Hope, Change, and Yes We Can."

NOTE: The YouTube poster says these children are from a North Carolina PTA school group.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Energy Department Gives $529 Million Loan to Car Company Invested in by Al Gore - Video 9/28/09

Here is a video report on a car company backed by former Vice-President Al Gore that is receiving a $529 Million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy. Fisker Automotive is working on a "plug-in" hybrid car called the "Karma." Gore ordered one for himself and invested in the company.

Matt Rogers, of the Department of Energy, says Al Gore's investment in the company "has nothing to do with the loan."

Critics say the car will cost $90,000 and is not for the average American. Therefore, the loan is being used to produce a very expensive car for only the very wealthy.

NOTE: This is just one way that Al Gore has positioned himself to profit financially from the Global Warming Hysteria he has worked so hard to generate over the years.


Sen. Judd Gregg Says it is "Startling" that President Obama has Talked Only "Once" with McChrystal - Video 9/28/09

Here is video of GOP Sen. Judd Gregg saying it is "startling" that President Obama has only talked "once" to top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan - Gen. Stanly McChrystal - since he has been on the ground there. This, despite the fact Obama is supposed to be trying to decide our stretegy going forward there, and whether or not to give McChrystal the 30,000-40,000 additional troops he needs.

Gregg said President Bush "spoke very regularly" with Gen. David Petraeus about Iraq. He said you would think the President would want to talk to his commander on the ground more often than "once."


Today's Meredith Vieira Wonders if Obama has Been "Tipped Off" that Chicago will be Selected for 2016 Olympics - Video 9/28/09

Here is a video report on President Obama's decision to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark on Thursday to lobby for Chicago to be selected as the site for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Obama will be the first U.S. President to use his office to lobby for an Olympics decision by the International Olympic Committee. The decision is expected to be close between Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. First Lady Michelle Obama will head there first ahead of President Obama.

Today's Meredith Vieira speculated that someone has "tipped Obama off" that Chicago will be selected for him to decide at the last minute to go there.

NOTE: Is Vieira suggesting that Obama is making the trip because he knows Chicago will be selected and he wants to get all the credit for the decision? No, Obama would not be as crass a politician as that!

2nd Note: Obama is making Gen. McChrystal wait for weeks on a decision about troop reinforcements, but Obama has time to travel to Denmark and lobby for his hometown to get the Olympics. Nothing like getting your priorities straight.


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown asked by BBC if he takes Pain-Killers to "Get Through" - Video 9/28/09

Here is video of a BBC interviewer asking British Prime Minister Gordon Brown if he takes pain killers to "get through," meaning to get through the day.

The question seemed to stun Brown, who it appeared took offense at that kind of question. He was asked the question in connection with rumors that his eyesight is also deteriorating. But Brown explained he has had surgery for detached retinas in both eyes over the years, and said his eyesight is not deteriorating.


Krauthammer Does Not Believe Obama will give Gen. McChrystal the Troops He Needs for Afghanistan - Video 9/27/09

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer on a "Panel Plus" segment of Fox News Sunday saying he does not think President Obama will give Gen. Stanley McChrystal the troops he needs in Afghanistan, and that he believes McChrystal will resign as a result.

Krauthammer had also pointed out how destructive it is for Obama to be waffling on Afghanistan for weeks while our allies look on. He believes our Allies, who are "hanging by a thread" on support of the war effort there, will not be strengthened in their resolve by Obama's actions.

McChrystal himself, when asked on 60 Minutes last night if he was confident he would get what he needs from President Obama, would only say he is confident he can makes his assessment as to the needs in Afghanistan. In other words - "No" - he is not confident Obama will give him what he needs to win.

How sad is that?


Charles Krauthammer Hammers Obama U.N. Speech; Says Obama Presents Himself as "Redeemer" for America's "Wickedness" - Video 9/27/09

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer on Fox News Sunday hammering President Obama on his speech to the United Nations this past week.

Krauthammer said it began with "adolescent utopianism," and went "downhill from there."

He said Obama "denigrated his own country" in the speech, and presented himself as the "redeemer" come to save America from its "wickedness." He pointed out that Obama urged those who listened to look at what he has done during his first eight months as proof of America's character, rather than pointing to America's long history of freedom and help for those in need around the world.

In summation, Krauthammer called it a "sorry performance" which did not "advance our interests in the least."

Could not be said better.


Gen. Stanley McChrystal Says he has Talked to Obama "Once" Since Being in Afghanistan - Video 9/27/09

Watch CBS Videos Online
Here is video of a 60 Minutes interview with U.S. Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal. CBS correspondent David Martin went to Afghanistan to visit with McChrystal.

McChrystal believes the U.S. strategy must put a premium on winning over the Afghan people by drastically reducing the possibility of civilian casualties. "We cannot only walk with a hammer in our hands."

McChrystal will not wear body armour or a weapon when he walks the streets of Kabul or goes to a village. He says he is trying to "deprogram eight years of bad habits" in the way U.S. Forces operate in Afghanistan, including the way they "drive through the streets." Afghans perceived Americans as "arrogant" by they way they drive the roads. McChrystal is trying to change that.

The video is a fascinating in-depth look at McChrystal, and gives insight into how he is seeking to redirect the war there.

He is very frustrated with the Pentagon and the time it takes for him to get officers and other things or people he needs. No doubt he is very frustrated at how long it is taking for him to get an answer from the President on whether he will get the troops he needs to do the job.

McChrystal would not say he is confident he will get the troops he needs. He would only say he is confident he can make his assessment to Obama.

Shockingly, McChrystal said he has only talked to President Obama "once" since he has been in Afghanistan. If Obama is serious about getting this decision right, would you not want to talk to the commander on the ground frequently?


Iran Test-Fires Medium-Range Missiles During War Games - Video 9/28/09

Here is a video report on Iran's test-firing of medium-range missiles Sunday night, as they continue to ratchet up tensions with the United States and the West. Iran fired short-range missiles the day before.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Defense Secretary Gates Says "Military Option" Could Only "Buy Time" in Preventing an Iran with Nuclear Weapons - Video 9/27/09

Here is video of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates telling CNN's John King today that he does not believe there is a military option that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons! Gates says the military option would "only buy time" in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, maybe "one to three years."

"The reality is, there is no military option that does anything more than buy time. The estimates are one to three years or so. And the only way you end up not having a nuclear-capable Iran is for the Iranian government to decide that their security is diminished by having those weapons, as opposed to strengthened." However, he adds: "I think there's still room left for diplomacy... The Iranians are in a very bad spot now, because of this deception."

If Iran refuses to cooperate - which they have show they have no intention of doing - then military action every one to three years to prevent them from getting nuclear may be what has to be done. But it does not seem wise to me for Gates to be telling the world that our government views the "military option" as nothing more than a stop-gap measure.


Iran Test-Fires Short-Range Missiles - Video 9/26/09

Here is a Press TV (Iranian English language TV) video report on Iran's successful launch of short-range missiles overnight. The report says it was done as a part of "War Games" being conducted by their military.

This is all part of their "cat and mouse" game on inspections. They say one day they will allow inspections but then the next day do something militaristic like this to prove how tough and defiant they are. Iran's totalitarian government is not one that can be trusted. President Obama is "whistling past the graveyard" if he thinks they can be believed or trusted in the slightest.


Ann Coulter Responds to Obama's "Hitler Mustache" Remarks - Video 9/26/09

Here is video of Ann Coulter on Geraldo Rivera's show last night, where she reacted to a comment made by President Obama during a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus. Obama said a foreign diplomat had come up to him this past week and asked him to explain why people where putting "a Hitler mustache" on him when all he was trying to do was give everyone health care.

Coulter responded by pointing out that it could have been a leftist agitator that had brought such a sign with Obama having a Hitler mustache. It would not be the first time. In fact, recently, it was a Lyndon LaRouche supporter - not a conservative Republican, who had a sign with a "Hitler mustache" on Obama.

The very fact that President Obama would insert that into his remarks shows how hard he is now trying to demonize those who oppose his Health Care plan. His remarks, and the way he said them, were totally unpresidential, and demonstrate the lengths to which he will go to try and get what he wants.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Iran Claims it Will Allow International Inspections of Newly Discovered Uranium Enrichment Facility - Video 9/26/09

Here is a video report on news that Iran says it will allow international inspections of the newly discovered uranium enrichment facility. Hillary Clinton said that decision is welcome news.

President Obama said Iran must display more transparency as to their nuclear intentions. The newly discovered facility's size and configuration is thought to guarantee that it can only be for the purpose of nuclear weapons.

It sounds like Obama is ready to take Iran's word for it, when they are clearly going to try and play the inspections game just like Saddam Hussein did. As they stall for time, it gives them more time to complete their work on obtaining nuclear weapons.


"Flag Burner" Duct Taped to Flag Pole as Punishment by VFW Commander - Video

Here is a video report about a "Flag Burner" who was duct taped to a VFW Flagpole as punishment for his having burned an American Flag that flew over the post in Valley Falls, New York.

The man had gotten angry because the bartender at the post would not serve the man because he was drunk. In anger, he went outside, took the flag down and burned it. The flag had flown over a fox hole in Iraq where several Americans died.

The post commander hunted the man down and "gave him some options." The option the man chose was to be duct taped to the pole in a chair with a sign around his neck describing his actions.

Kudos to the commander for doing something about the flag-burning.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Karl Rove Tells Bill O'Reilly that Iran's Ahmadinejad is a "Nut" - Video 9/25/09

Here is video of Karl Rove on Bill O'Reilly tonight where they discussed the news today that Iran has a second uranium enrichment facility that the United States and allies called them out on today.

Rove said that Iran's Ahmadinejad is a "nut," a very dangerous man. Rove said the U.S. should join other major allied powers and impose sanctions on Iran, bypassing the United Nations.

He also said that if we seek to blockade Iran, they will likely treat it as an "act of national war."


CNN Helps President Obama Explain the "U.N. Kiss Photo" - Video 9/25/09

Ever vigilant to help out President Obama, here is CNN video that explains a "U.N. Kiss" photo of Obama and woman there. It does show that still photos can be deceiving.


Ahmadinejad Tells U.S., Britain, and France that Iran's Nuclear Facilities are None of Your Business - Video 9/25/09

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad responded this afternoon to demands by President Obama, French President Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that Iran submit to inspections at a newly discovered uranium enrichment facility. Ahmadinejad said at a press conference that it is not any of their business what Iran is doing with their facilities.

He also said the "time for Empires is over," and that a select group has no right to tell other nations what they have to do.

It is clear Iran is seeking nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad is not going to respond to diplomacy, except to grow bolder.


NBC's Brian Williams has Audio Glitch as G20 Protester Shouts "The People are Not Stupid!" - Video 9/25/09

Here is video of NBC's Brian Williams caught in an audio glitch last night as he tried to report on the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. What is interesting is that in the background you could hear a protester with a bullhorn shouting "the people are not stupid," even as Williams' mouth was moving on screen!

NOTE: NBC and MSNBC seem to think "the people are stupid." But slowly the American people are waking up to reality.


Parents React to Children Being Coaxed to Sing Praises to President Obama - Video 9/25/09

Here is video of some parents of kids at the New Jersey school where children were coaxed into singing praises to President Obama, giving their reaction.

Some parents are outraged by it, but others seem to think it was fine.


Fox News Reports on "Islamic National Day of Unity" at the U.S. Capitol - Video 9/25/09

Here is a Fox News video report on an "Islamic National Day of Unity" to be held today at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. They will pray and recite the Koran together.

The report quotes Tony Perkins as saying the fact many Muslim leaders have refused to condemn terror attacks around the world leads people to wonder, "Will they be praying for America or against America?"


Global Warming Radicals at Premiere of "Anti-Flying" Docudrama Get Angry When Asked "How did you get here?" - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Phelim McAleer asking a hard question of celebrities in New York for the opening of the global warming wacko docudrama "The Age of Stupid." The documentary claims the world is on the brink of destruction due to Global Warming, and claims that "flying" is the single worst thing people can do.

So, McAleer asks celebrities at the event, "How did you get to New York?" Of course, they flew! He kept asking the question - including of the director - and they did not appreciate the simple question! They show their "tolerance" and "diversity" by booting him out of the press area and blocking his camera shot.

NOTE: These environmental wackos are in their own little world. They show by their actions they really don't believe the nonsense they spout. They are a truly pathetic lot.


Obama, Sarkozy and Gordon Brown Call Out Iran on Newly Discovered Uranium Enrichment Facility - Video 9/25/09

Here is video of President Obama - along with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown - announcing that the Iran has been building a secret Uranium enrichment facility for several years. Detailed evidence to that effect has been presented to the IAEA.

Obama said Iran is breaking rules that it must follow, and said the "size and configuration" of this newly discovered facility is inconsisent with it being a plant for nuclear energy alone. Obama said "Iran must comply with U.N. resolutions."


Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer to Offer Amendment Calling for "Public Option" Today"; Will Demand Roll Call Vote - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of New York Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer telling MSNBC's Rachel Maddow last night that he will offer an amendment today in the Senate Finance Committee to put a "Public Option" in the Baucus Health Care Bill. Schumer said he would offer such an amendment, along with Sen. Jay Rockefeller.

Schumer said the battle for a Public Option begins today, and he will demand a roll call vote on the amendment. Schumer said it may fail in committee, but said they have a much better chance of winning in the full Senate.


Rush Limbaugh Defends Capitalism on Leno; Says it's not Obama's Business How Much Money Someone Makes - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh being interviewed last night on the Jay Leno show. Rush said he has lost 82 pounds!

Leno tried to hew the liberal line in questioning Rush, but he never missed a beat. Rush Limbaugh defended capitalism and said it is not "Barack Obama's business how much money someone makes." He said Capitalism is about "opportunity" and "freedom." Leno had tried to argue it's not right how much people on Wall Street make.

NOTE: Watch Rush drive an obstacle course in an electric car and "hit" Al Gore!


Rush Limbaugh on Leno: Drives Electric Car and "Runs Over" Al Gore Twice - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh last night on the Jay Leno Show where Leno had Rush drive an electric car around an obstacle course that included carboard cutouts of Al Gore and Ed Begley Jr. Rush was supposed to avoid hitting them. He proceeded to "run over" them both - in fact he ran over Al Gore twice for good measure. He backed up so he could run over Al Gore again!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glenn Beck Discusses his John McCain Comments and Katie Couric Interview on the O'Reilly Factor - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck talking with Bill O'Reilly tonight about his recent comments regarding John McCain, his interview with Katie Couric, and his belief that Israel will eventually strike Iran to keep them from obtaining nuclear weapons, if others do not prevent it first.

Beck said he believed McCain would be worse as President than Obama, not because he does not respect McCain's war service, but because he thinks Americans are being galvanized to oppose the leftist policies of Obama whereas they would not have been as shocked by McCain's policies that are less radical, but not really conservative.


FBI Arrests Jordanian Jihadist for Attempting to Bomb 60-Story Dallas Skyscraper - Video Report 9/24/09

Here is a video report from KDFW-TV in Dallas about the FBI arrest of a Jordanian man who tried to bomb a downtown Dallas 60-story skyscraper today.

A 19 year-old man, Mosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested and charged for "attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction."

Dallas FBI agents arrested a Jordanian citizen Thursday afternoon for attempting to bomb a skyscraper in Downtown Dallas.

According to the bureau, 19-year-old Mosam Maher Husein Smadi was arrested and charged for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Smadi had been under continuous FBI surveillance and was arrested after he allegedly placed and tried to detonate an inactive car bomb near Fountain Place, a 60-story glass office tower located at 1445 Ross Avenue, the FBI said.

According to a press release, Smadi is in the United States illegally and had been living and working in Italy, Texas.

"He has repeatedly espoused his desire to commit violent Jihad and has been the focus of an undercover FBI investigation," the release states.

Undercover agents posing as members of an al-Qaida sleeper cell were introduced to him and they said he made clear his intention to serve as a soldier for Osama Bin Ladin and al-Qaida. He told them he came to the country specifically to commit violent Jihad "for the sake of God."

The agents meeting with Smadi said they at one point tried to discourage him from violence, the release states.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Smadi said in his native Arabic language, "Oh my brothers! O how I love, my brothers, to perform Jihad with you in the same rank, in the same field, against the enemy. I have chosen to be a Mujahid with my self, blood, soul and body. [That is] more precious to me than this world and its money, women and amusements. By God, I shall support Osama, Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, al-Rantisi and all who performed Jihad in this world."

In June, Smadi allegedly met with the undercover agents to discuss possible targets, which included the National Guard Armory, a Dallas airport and an unidentified bank near the airport. In July he reportedly told the agents he had changed his mind about the initial targets and instead identified the Wells Fargo bank located inside the downtown Dallas skyscraper, according to the affidavit.

"I have decided to change the target. Let us make it the big fish instead of the smaller fish; they are all fish in one sea - the main bank for the city and not the branch that we had identified. God willing, the strike will be certain and strong. It will shake the current weak economy in the State and the American nation because this bank is one of the largest banks in this city," Smadi is quoted in the affidavit. . . .MORE


MSNBC's Contessa Brewer Likens Children Singing to Obama to North Korea and Kim Jong Il - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of MSNBC's Contessa Brewer reporting on the YouTube video that surfaced of school children singing praises to President Obama. Even MSNBC and their viewers think it's just a little over the top. In fact, Brewer likens it to "children in North Korea praising Kim Jong Il!"

They say the video turns out to be from Burlington Township, New Jersey, who claims it was done in honor of Black History Month and was never intended for distribution.


James O'Keefe Gives First "Broadcast Network Interview" to NBC; Says ACORN was "Breaking the Law" - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of undercover filmmaker James O'Keefe giving, what MSNBC touts as his "first broadcast network interview," to NBC News Mara Schiavocampo.

Schiavocampo asked O'Keefe why he targeted an organization like ACORN, who she said helps "low-income, disadvantaged people." O'Keefe responded that they are "not helping low-income, disadvantaged people. They are breaking the law."

O'Keefe said he was doing what the media is not - seeking to hold these people accountable.

It is more than a little ironic that a network that virtually refused to even acknowledge the ACORN Scandal is touting the fact they got the first "broadcast network interview" with O'Keefe. He handled himself well!


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Refutes Holocaust Deniers - "Is This a Lie?" - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today dramatically refuting the Holocaust deniers from Iran and elsewhere in his speech to the United Nations. This video is the opening section of the speech where he produced documents to prove the planning of the Holocaust that eventually resulted in the extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.

You can hear Netanyahu's entire speech here.


Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu Says what President Obama Should Have Said in U.N. Speech - Complete Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking today at the United Nations where he refuted directly the anti-semitic claims of Iranian thug Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Netanyahu actually showed minutes of a meeting Hitler had with Himmler and others to plan the Holocaust extermination of the Jewish people. He also held up the original plans for the Auschwitz Concentration Camp signed by Himmler himself and asked dramatically, "Are these (plans) a lie?"

He blasted Iran's "odious regime" as a "terrorist state," and said they threaten not only the Jewish people but the entire world.

Netanyahu asked if the United Nations would just stand idly by while Iran acquires atomic weapons. He said the people of Israel wants peace, but that it can only be achieved with security.



This was an outstanding speech by a truly courageous leader. As I listened, I could not help but think that the United States should have such a leader. Actually, I thought to myself that President Obama should have been saying yesterday the things that Netanyahu said today. Just as Reagan was strong and courageous to stand up and call the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire," Obama should be just as strong in condemning Iran and Ahmadenejad and supporting Israel.

But just as Obama's party opposed Reagan's strong stance, Obama will refuse to stand for truth and justice today. America needs a Benjamin Netanyahu to lead us in a dangerous world.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Blasts United Nations - "Have You No Shame?" - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasting the United Nations for giving a forum to Iranian thug-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday.

"The man who called the Holocaust a lie spoke at this podium. To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries. But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere -- have you no shame? Have you no decency?"

UPDATED: Watch complete video of Netanyahu's speech to the U.N.


Tempers Flare Between Max Baucus and Jon Kyl in Senate Finance Committee Health Care Mark-Up - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Fox News' Carl Cameron reporting on tempers flaring in the Senate Finance Committee "Mark-Up" of the proposed Baucus Health Care Bill.

The flare-up was between Democrat Chairman Max Baucus and Arizona GOP Sen. Jon Kyl. Baucus accused Kyl of just "trying to delay," while Kyl was put out that Baucus kept "interrupting him in the middle of an important point."


President Obama Now at -5 in Latest Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index - 9/24/09

President Obama's approval rating stands at -5 today in the latest Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index (measures Strongly Approve vs. Strongly Disapprove). Overall, Obama's approval rating is at 51% approving of his job as President, and 48% disapproving:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 33% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-eight percent (38%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -5. . . .MORE


Dana Perino Analyzes the "Thin-Skinned" Obama White House - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino talking with Bill O'Reilly last night about how "thin-skinned" the Obama White House is to criticism.

Perino was reacting to Obama's decision not to appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this past weekend. Chris Wallace has referred to the Obama Administration as "the biggest bunch of crybabies I've dealth with in my career."

Perino said the Bush White House tried to make a distinction between the opinion voices at MSNBC and the news reporters at NBC. She said that is what Obama should be doing with Fox News. She said it was a mistake for Obama not to go on Fox News Sunday.


United Nations Delegates Walk Out During Speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of United Nations delegates walking out during the speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad. As you can see, the chamber was largely empty while he spoke because so many had either walked out or not attended during his speech.


New Ad has GOP Rep. McCotter Saying "Adolescent" Obama Administration Engaging in "Firesale of American Security" - Video

Here is video of a new web ad by "Citizens United" which features GOP Rep. Thaddeus McCotter talking about the appeasement strategy of the Obama Administration that amounts to "a firesale of American Security." He calls the Obama team an "adolescent administration."


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ann Coulter Tells Sean Hannity Passage of Government Health Care Will be the "End of the Republican Party" - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of Ann Coulter on with Sean Hannity tonight, where she sounded off on the United Nations speeches today, and the Democrats' determination to pass some kind of a Health Care Bill that will be the "camel nose under the tent," which she said twice, will "be the end of the Republican Party." Coulter believes any kind of Government Health Care will be "such a game-changer" that it will obligate people to the government to the extent that the long-term impact will be people voting for Democrats.

She believes Democrats will be willing to use the Nuclear Option in the Senate to pass a Health Care Bill because they know what a "game-changer" it will be.


YouTube Posting Shows School Children Singing Praises to President Obama - Video

Here is an unidentified YouTube post that shows a group of school children singing praises to President Obama. The lyrics are kind of hard to make out, but you can hear them saying, "Hello, Mr. President. We honor you today." The identity of the school is not given in the YouTube post.

UPDATED 9/24/09: MSNBC reports the children are from Burlington Township, New Jersey.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Speech to the United Nations; He Attacks Israel and the U.S. - Full Video 9/23/09

Here is video of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech to the United Nations.
He used his speech to attack the United States and the Jewish people:
Mr. Ahmadinejad repeated accusations that Israel was responsible for "inhuman policies" against the Palestinians. Then he broadened his attacks to the Jews who live outside that country.

"It is no longer acceptable that a small minority would dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks, and establish a new form of slavery, and harm the reputation of other nations, even European nations and the U.S., to attain its racist ambitions," he said.

Numerous diplomats, including Americans and Canadians, walked out during his speech, leaving him to continue talking before a mostly empty chamber.

"It is disappointing that Mr. Ahmadinejad has once again chosen to espouse hateful, offensive and anti-Semitic rhetoric," said the U.S. Mission, which distributed a statement while Mr. Ahmadinejad was still speaking. . . . MORE
President Obama thinks he can negotiate and bargain with a vile thug like Ahmadinejad. It shows how naive he is, and / or just how stuck on himself he is - that he thinks he can convince such people to do his will.


Barney Frank Vs. Bill O'Reilly Over ACORN - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of Barney Frank on "The O'Reilly Factor" talking about ACORN. Barney Frank said that he would have voted against funding ACORN.

Bill O'Reilly asked Barney if he "admired" the people who did the undercover video and Barney answered "they may have violated the law, even if people are doing something good they should not violate the law."

Barney got very upset at Bill towards the end and told him "I don't understand why you have this congenital inability to let people talk."


John Bolton Tells Glenn Beck Obama Thinks "Our Policy For the Last 60 Years Has Been Wrong" - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton talking with Glenn Beck about Obama's speech to the United Nations and his comments on Israel.

Glenn Beck asked "do you think it's possible to sit in a church with somebody who is as anti-Semitic as Jeremiah wright is and not come away with an anti-Semitic view?"

John Bolton said again that he thinks "we've put Israel on the chopping block," and that Obama seems to think "our policy for the last 60 years has been wrong."

Here is video of John Bolton earlier today talking with Megyn Kelly about Obama putting Israel on the "chopping block."


GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Handles "Morning Joe" Questions on Health Care and Town Hall Meetings - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin on Morning Joe today where he absolutely handled Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on every issue and every question they raised.

Ryan made it clear that Republicans have viable alternatives to the Democrats' Health Care bills, but no one is covering it. He also said bluntly that if "Health Care Reform" fails, it is not because of Republicans - it is because the Democrats did not use their huge majorities in the House and Senate to pass something. It will also be because they chose not to do a bipartisan bill that focuses on what is actually broken in Health Care without wanting to break what is working.

Mika tried to ask Ryan a snarky question about all the "vitriol" at Town Hall Meetings, and Ryan said his 17 meetings were very polite. But, he said his district - which voted for Obama - was 85% - 95% against ObamaCare at the Town Halls. He told her he saw "real Americans" showing up because they are very concerned about all that is happening in America.

Paul Ryan is as good at expressing himself as any Republican around today. He could be a very bright hope for the future of the GOP should he decide to seek the Presidency some day.


Fox News Panel Reacts to United Nations Speeches by Qaddafi and Obama - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of a Fox News Panel reacting to the rambling speech given today at the United Nations by Libyan Dictator Moammar Qaddafi, and President Obama's speech there. They focused on the remarks Qaddafi made about President Obama, and the remarks Obama made about Israel.

Judith Miller said this was classic Qaddafi, because he has always had a "penchant for Presidents on the Left."


Libyan Dictator Moammar Qaddafi Gives Rambling UN Speech; Calls President Obama "Our Son" - Complete Video 9/23/09

Here is complete video in five parts of the rambling, incoherent speech made by Libyan Dictator Moammar Qaddafi today at the United Nations. Qaddafi talked about everything from the JFK assassination to Darfur, and everything in between.

He referred to President Obama as "our son," and as a "son of Africa," and a "son of Kenya." He called Obama a "glimmer of light," but said he fears America will "return to square one" once Obama leaves office. He said he hopes Obama remains President of the United States "forever."







Gov. Sarah Palin Takes Positive Message about America to Hong Kong - Video Clip 9/23/09

Here is video of Gov. Sarah Palin speaking in Hong Kong in her first speech since resigning as Governor of Alaska.

This is a brief cell phone video clip of Palin's speech, and reaction from a man who attended the event. The speech was closed to the public and to the press.

Palin brought a positive message about America's ability to heal itself, particularly if we follow the prescription set forth by President Ronald Reagan.


Rush Limbaugh on Obama's U.N. Speech Says Obama "Surrendering" U.S. to "The Global Powers" - Audio 9/23/09

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh talking about Obama's speech to the United Nations.

Limbaugh called the speech a "bloodless coup" and said that Obama "has delivered the United States to the global powers, without firing a shot, nobody fired a shot at us, and he's surrendering, he's giving it up, giving up the Country so that he can lead the world."


John Bolton Reacts to Obama U.N. Speech Says Obama "Put Israel on the Chopping Block" and "Struck by how Unpresidential" Speech Was - Video 9/23/09

Here is video of John Bolton and Megyn Kelly talking about Obama's speech to the United Nations today.

John Bolton said "I think he's put Israel on the chopping block, I don't think there's ever been a speech by an American President at the United Nations that was so critical of Israel." Bolton also said "I've never seen an American president give a speech at the united nations that spent so much time contrasting his administration with the previous administration," and called it "a speech more designed for an American audience than an international audience." Bolton was "struck by how personal and unpresidential it was."


President Obama's Speech to United Nations General Assembly - Full Video 9/23/09

Here is full video of President Obama's speech to the United Nations.


Barack Obama Speech to United Nations Calls for Stop to Spread of Nuclear Weapons - Video 9/23/09

Here is video from President Obama's speech to the United Nations where he calls for the stop of the spread of nuclear weapons.

Obama said "Nations with nuclear weapons have a responsibility to move towards disarmament," and that "America intends to keep our end of the bargain, we will pursue a new agreement with Russia to substantially reduce our strategic warheads and launches."


Lou Dobbs and Panel Debate Whether the United Nations is Still Effective and Relevant for Today - Video 9/22/09

Here is video of Lou Dobbs and a panel discussing whether or not the United Nations continues to be effective and relevant for today.

Those on the panel who believe the UN is no longer relevant cited the intense corruption present in the organization. They also argued that most UN "Peace-Keeping" operations have been "disasters." It is the United States that has acted to enforce most sanctions and to prevent most wars and conflicts.

Those defending the U.N. say it is necessary to have a world body that includes all nations in order to be able to build real security.


Report Says Large Tent on Estate Owned by Donald Trump May be for Libyan Dictator Gadhafi - Video 9/22/09

Here is a video report from New York that says a large "Party Tent" has been pitched on an estate owned by billionaire Donald Trump - a tent that may be used for Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi while he is in town for the United Nations Meeting.

The Trump Organization says the property "may have been leased" by a Middle Eastern party associated with Gadhafi. They say they are "looking into it."


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sean Hannity Talks About New Book that Gives Surprising Details on the Marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama - Video 9/22/09

Here is video of Sean Hannity talking about some surprising details from the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama. He talked with the author of a new book, "Barack and Michelle," written by Christopher Andersen.

The author claims it was Michelle Obama who came up with Obama's campaign slogan, "Yes We Can." She also vetoed Hillary Clinton as Vice-President.

Andersen says William Ayers helped Obama with his book, with the writing style even being very similar to Ayers' writing.

He also says Rev. Jeremiah Wright was very close to the Obamas, with Michelle especially in "awe" of him. She was far less ready to throw right under the bus than President Obama.


Newt Gingrich Talks with O'Reilly about the Media Double-Standard on What is "Rude" - Video 9/22/09

Here is video of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich talking with Bill O'Reilly about the amazing double-standard that exists in the media about what is "rude" in political discourse.

Gingrich pointed out that when Democrats booed President Bush in 2005, the media did not think that was "rude." When former Democrat House Speaker Tip O'Neill called President Ronald Reagan "cold," with "ice water in his veins," no one in the media was outraged.

But the mantra right now in the media is about how "rude" and "hateful" conservatives are because they oppose the policies of President Obama.

Newt is right on target with his analysis. There is a gigantic double-standard, and it shows no signs of going away.


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