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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lockheed Martin Test of JLTV Military Vehicle Goes Wrong with TV Crew on Board - Video

UPDATED 10:14 AM CDT: Here is another video on the JLTV mishap. At the end of this one, you actually see the rollover. One commenter pointed out for clarification that it was a member of the news crew doing the driving when the accident happened.

Here is a video report on a new prototype military vehicle made by Lockheed Martin that flipped over while carrying a news crew. The crew was on board as Lockheed was showcasing the safety and maneuverability of the new JLTV, which they believe surpasses the Humvee used for so long by the military.

Just prior to the test drive that went wrong, Lockheed officials had been bragging that in 50,000 miles of test driving, the JLTV had never flipped over. But, inexplicably, it flipped over shortly thereafter with the news crew on board. No word yet from Lockheed Martin as to why it flipped.

Everyone in the JLTV got out alive, with no serious injuries.

Lockheed Martin was celebrating 50,000 miles of testing on its new joint light tactical vehicles by letting members of the local media test drive the all-terrain vehicles.

A news 10 Now reporter was driving down a hill on the test course, and while making a turn at the bottom of that hill, the vehicle flipped over and landed on its side.

The three people inside got out safely, but all were taken to Wilson Hospital to treat cuts and scrapes.

Lockheed says none of the four JLTV prototypes has ever flipped before.

FOX 40 did get in touch with a Lockheed spokesperson who issued this very vague statement," said FOX 40 Reporter Sarah Blazonis.

"We have initiated an incident review as the result of an event today involving one of our Joing Light Tactical Vehicle prototypes. There were three passengers, all who were transported to a local hospital for evaluation," said Lockheed spokesperson Jeff Brown.


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