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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Left-Wing Air America Blasts Obama as a "Charming Liar" for Deal with Pharmaceutical Companies to Push ObamaCare - Video 8/19/09

Here is a new Naked Emperor News video that plays audio from the Left-Wing "Air America" Radio Network actually exposing President Barack Obama's "back room" deal with Big Pharmaceutical companies to support his ObamaCare plan.

The Left is furious with Obama. In this audio, they say Obama is a "charming liar." A caller also says what Obama is doing is "fascist" because of the merging of political power with corporate power to impose their will on the nation. The audio is intermingled with flashbacks of Obama condeming the Pharmaceutical companies and saying he would be transparent in his administration.

Interestingly, a leftist caller also says, "What if the protesters at the Town Hall Meetings are right about Obama?"

So, you see, this connection between Obama's Administration and the Pharmaceutical companies to push ObamaCare is not only raising concern on the Right, it is also recognized as being dirty by the Left.


Anonymous,  August 20, 2009 at 9:54 AM  

It's a good start... and it's about time. No one is more responsible for the outrageous cost of medical care than Big Pharma. Of course, the conservatives won't condemn it because they make too much money from the pushing these pills.

Now if only we could get Monsanto out of our FDA, we might actually be able to get food that doesn't make us sick, and medicines that don't make us sicker while breaking our banks. That's true health reform - not just shifting the bill to taxpayers.

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