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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dick Morris Says Democrats Plan to Pass ObamaCare with Only 50 Votes After August Recess - Video 8/3/09

Here is video of Dick Morris talking with Sean Hannity last night about Democrats planning to try and pass Government Health Care with only 50 votes (plus VP Joe Biden as tie-breaker) after they return from the August recess. According to Morris, Senate Dems plan to use rules in the "Reconciliation Process" that will allow them to avoid having to get the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture.

Morris and Hannity urged listeners to use August to attend town hall meetings and forums on health care and let their voices be heard, in addition to writing letters to Senators and Congressmen.

The video also has the two talking about the Health Care bill and how it will mean rationing of care, particularly for older people. Morris shared that his father is 99 years old, and that under ObamaCare he would not be approved for the procedures he has needed to stay alive. Morris says Republicans must explain to the public that ObamaCare will mean the end of Medicare and seniors being able to get the care they need.

The opening of the video has a great synopsis of comments opposing Government Health Care that have been made recently at Town Hall Meetings


Jack August 4, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

If Congress thinks they are going to push this bill through by slight of hand? Just take a peek at what’s happening all over this country by way of the town-hall question and answer series. Multiply this by factors of 100 at the very least and not only will those representatives who support thus far Obama’s car crash plans they will be summarily dismissed and back to the private sector they go with this stink that won’t wash off, but.....this Nation will not tolerate it and this I'm afraid is non negotiable. The left is making centrist independents, republicans and this Democrat alike out to be right wing radicals. If this passes, they haven’t seen nothin yet….

Thank heavens that the Military and Law Enforcement are firmly in Obama’s camp…no wait a minute….sorry wrong story…Pffft.

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