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Monday, August 17, 2009

CNN Guest Says America's Founders Envisioned "White Supremacy" - Video 8/17/09

Here is video of a CNN guest (Tim Wise, author of Between Barack and a Hard Place) on with CNN Anchor Don Lemon today who said that what America's "Founders envisioned was a formal system of 'White Supremacy.' Lemon said nothing in reaction to the statement, other than to say "tough talk."

It totally ignores the fact that many of our founders were opposed to slavery, and wrote of their hope that one day slavery would be abolished.

Previously, Wise also had said that concern about Welfare Reform that began in the early 1970's has had a "racial component" to it:

"There is a perception that when we talk about government spending for the 'have nots,' we're talking about taking from hard-working white people and giving to lazy black folks."
Wise's statement is ridiculous on its face, since there are millions of white Americans also on welfare. Concern about Welfare Reform has been centered on the need to not allow it to become a way of life extending to 2nd and 3rd generations, without regard to the race of the individual.

Don Lemon even tried to tie the Wise's talk of race to the statement of a man on Saturday who talked about "real Americans," which caused Lemon to go drama queen on how we should not talk about "real Americans." Clearly in context, that statement was talking about "average Americans" who were showing up on their own to the Town Hall Meetings, as opposed to those being bused in. It had no racial overtones whatsover.


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