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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bill Clinton Tells Nutroots Meeting He Signed DODT and DOMA Because He Could Not Get More Radical Gay Rights Policies Enacted - Video 8/13/09

Here is video of former President Bill Clinton pandering to the "Netroots (Nutroots) Nation" meeting last night where he confessed that his signing his "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Gays in the Military Policy into law was something he did only because he could not get a more radical policy through Congress. He said he regrets how it has been implemented by "middle level" military personnel.

He also confessed that he signed the "Defense of Marriage Act" into law, not because he believes in the sanctity of traditional marriage, but because it was a move to keep Congress from sending a Constitutional Amendment banning Gay Marriage to the states at the time.

Clinton made both statements in response to a heckler who interrupted him for not being stronger on Gay Rights issues. Clinton told the man he ought to "go to the Congressional Health Care meetings," since he would fit in fine over there.


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