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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sen. Ben Cardin Challenged From Floor of Town Meeting on ObamaCare - Video 7/20/09

Here is video of Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin being challenged on Obama's Government Health Care Plan at a town hall meeting he held on the subject. A man in the audience challenged Cardin to explain why it was OK for the government to force an individual to have health insurance if they chose not to do so. In his case, he said he needed to use that money elsewhere. The man asked why he should be made to pay a $2500 a year fine for not having it.

Cardin made the ridiculous argument that if he did not have health care insurance and was injured, all the other taxpayers would wind up paying for him. It was a crazy argument because by adopting Obama's plan, Government would be assuming massive liability to provide health care coverage to far more people!

This is the second forum on health care that we know of where a member of Congress has had a rocky experience. Missouri's Russ Carnahan was laughed at and jeered in St. Louis yesterday as he presented the Democrats' Government Health Care Plan.


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