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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Describes Having Lunch with President Bush - Video 1/14/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today talking about the experience of having lunch with President Bush yesterday in Washington, D.C. There had been speculation Rush had attended a dinner of conservatives with Barack Obama last night. It turns out, he instead had lunch with the President:

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I think I owe you a little bit of an apology here, well, sort of an apology, but an in-depth explanation of what happened that caused a firestorm to kick off late yesterday afternoon. Here it is in the chronological order of events, and this has to do with my absence yesterday from behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Last week I received an invitation from President Bush to attend a farewell luncheon with just the two of us in his dining room off of the Oval Office. I readily agreed to this, and it was for yesterday. I intended to mention this to you on Monday just to let you know that I would not be here on Tuesday. I forgot to mention it to you on Monday and when I ended the program on Monday, I said, "See you tomorrow," and the staff said, "No, you won't, you won't," when the program was over. So I decided to have a little fun and play a typical little radio prank.

This past Monday Barack Obama had a press conference in which he said he was open to any idea that worked, and I, after having heard that and played that sound bite on this program, offered to meet with Obama at any time to present an idea that would work as opposed to his, which would not work. I mean, I was being bipartisan. The idea here that this is hope and change -- you know what change would be, would be a 15% flat tax. A real change would be revolutionary. What Obama is offering is more of the old and the same old, dating back to the 1930s. So I offered myself up, and I said, "I will meet with you any time, anywhere, on a moment's notice." So I instructed the guest host yesterday, Jason Lewis -- 'cause you were going to tune in yesterday and I wasn't going to be here and you had no idea why because I forgot to tell you that I wasn't going to be here yesterday -- so the prank was Jason Lewis was going to replay the audio clip of me offering to go anywhere at any time at a moment's notice to meet with Obama to present plans that would work.

After he played the clip of my saying that on Monday's program, he then announced that he had been informed late in the day that I was to be mysteriously absent, he had to come in and do the program, which of course created the impression, understandably in people's minds that I had been summoned by The Messiah to come up and present ideas when in fact nothing of the sort was true. It was just a gag, you know, a radio bit. So yesterday morning I rise early, head to the airport, fly up to Washington, DC, and get to the White House at 11 o'clock. The luncheon with the president was scheduled from 12 noon to one o'clock because at 1:05 he's gotta go to the East Room for the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony. I arrived at 11 o'clock as they asked me to in case the schedule was moving faster, they don't want the president to have downtime, so if you're waiting to meet with the president you're always there early in case his schedule changes. They called me into the Oval Office at 11:45. We went in, had some pictures, as is always the case. Ed Gillespie, one of the president's advisors was there, posed for pictures and so forth, president said, "Let's go eat!". . . . . . MORE


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