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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rasmussen, Ipsos Most Accurate 2008 Election Polls

The current winning percentage for President-Elect Barack Obama in the election is 52%-46%. So how did the final polls from major polling organizations shape up with the actual winning percentage? Rasmussen and Ipsos were dead on, and Fox News got the margin almost spot on as well:

52%-46% Rasmussen
53%-46% Ipsos/McClatchey
50%-43% Fox News
52%-44% IBD/TIPP

Zogby had an 11-point margin for Obama - 54%-43%, along with Gallup - 55%-44%. When it comes to even-handed, reliable polling, you cannot do better than Rasmussen.

UPDATE: CBS News predicted a 51%-42% Obama win; NBC News had it 51%-43%; ABC News had it 53%-44%.


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