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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Talked of Plans to Reinterpet U.S. Constitution to Redistribute Wealth on 2001 Radio Show - Audio

Here is truly shocking audio of then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama in 2001 on a Chicago radio program describing the United States Constitution as generally a "charter of negative rights," in which it says what the states and the Federal Government cannot do to you, but does not do much in saying what the Federal Government should do for you. Obama said at that time that he believed the Constitution should be "reinterpreted" to facilitate a "redistribution of wealth" in America. He did not feel it could be accomplished through the courts, but believed it was possible to do it legislatively.

This is a bombshell folks. It shows that in 2001, Obama was thinking extensively of how to push an essentially socialist agenda in America, even thinking of it in terms of improving what he believes is lacking in the U.S. Constitution by finding a way to redistribute wealth in America. Somehow, someway, John McCain's campaign needs to make this a new ad that they run in as many swing states as possible to help Americans to see the plans Obama has long-had for America.


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