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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerry Says Media Has "Liberal Bias"

Former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey says there is a clear "liberal bias" in the media that favors Barack Obama:

Kerrey, who's now president of The New School, claimed that "the big unreported story" of the election cycle "is the tremendous spending advantage Obama's got. If everything else is equal, and it's not equal in this race, but if everything else is equal, McCain hasn't got a chance."

Asked why he thinks the story isn't getting adequate coverage, he responded, "There's a liberal bias. There's a preference for Obama and it's getting underreported as a result."

Then Kerrey got specific.

"If this thing was running the other way, if Obama was taking the public money and McCain had opted out and raised $150 million in September, do you think The New York Times would have an editorial against it?


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